Thursday, January 28, 2010

Terong Belanda

I know I’ve written about how horrible my week in Makassar was, especially as far as the food goes, but I would like to say that there was one saving grace – terong belanda! This is my new favorite juice! The name literally means “Dutch eggplant” but it’s also known as a tamarillo or a tree tomato in other parts of the world.

Here’s a picture of me enjoying a terong belanda after a presentation at a public high school in Makassar:


  1. It sounds like tamarind, but it isn't?

  2. Terong belanda looks very refreshing...Like our drinks at SpaCastle! It should be served there.

  3. It's a great drink! William, it actually tastes sort of similar to tamarind juice. I think they both have a sort of tangy flavor. I haven't been able to find either in Gorontalo yet, but I'm on the look out.

  4. Hi Julianne,

    Happy (belated) new year and thanks for your wonderful words and photos. Do you know the Finnish word"sisu"? You are certainly showing that you've got it.

    Cousin Lisa

  5. Hi Lisa, I'll admit that I didn't know the word "sisu" so I looked it up on Wikipedia. Thanks for the compliment :-)