Thursday, February 25, 2010

Miguel's Diving Blog

I’m thrilled that our encounter with the whale shark got a brief mention on the blog for Miguel’s Diving! Check it out! It’s the post titled “What’s big and spotted and swims by slowly?”

You can also check out lots of other cool posts about diving in Gorontalo here. I recommend the post called “Facebook for Nemo” for its numerous high quality pictures on Facebook of the unusual undersea creatures in Gorontalo.

Someday I hope to get either a diving camera or a housing for my current camera and then I’ll be able to post my own pics. Sorry there’s no pictorial proof of the whale shark!


  1. Yes. Definitely start dropping hints that an underwater camera would make a great St. Patrick's Day gift!

  2. The quake in Chile has me curious now about quakes in general. The US Geographic Society has a map and this shows there was a 5.0 Richter quake 40 km from Gorontalo the Friday. I don't think you've mentioned it in your blog. Is this because you didn't feel it, or because a 5.0 quake 40 km away is felt but is insignificant, or because such quakes have become such a part of your life that they're no longer newsworthy. Or because of other reasons? Or maybe even you mentioned it in a blog and I just missed it.

    Anyway, I write as an ever curious follower of your blog.

  3. Thanks for that link, William! I had no idea that there was a recent earthquake near here. I was out of town when it apparently struck and no one has breathed a word of it.

  4. Henry - hahaha! A St. Patrick's Day gift! Your comment made me laugh out loud!