Monday, April 26, 2010

Govenor's Wreck

Moored in a small harbor frequented by deep sea tuna fishing boats is what Ranjte has dubbed a “floating wreck”. Several years ago the governor of Gorontalo commissioned a fancy ship to be used as a party boat for karaoke cruises up and down the coast for the hefty sum of about $400 per charter. The ship was built, the staff was hired and then nothing happened for two years. The ship never set sail and has, in effect, become a floating wreck.

The Ship That Never Set Sail

Yunis and I dived under the ship to see the resident school of batfish and lingered around the coral encrusted propeller, now home to a pride of lionfish. Coral banded cleaner shrimp scuttled over the hull while fanciful juvenile batfish swam nearby. Near the dock I spied numerous banded pipefish and a school of whimsical flat-bodied coral shrimpfish, who swim nose down.

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