Monday, May 3, 2010

Gorontalo Diving Buddies

Diving is a fun sport and a big part of the fun is being able to share the magical experience with friends. A week ago we managed to get a good group of divers back together in Gorontalo for a big hoorah before the Gorontalo dive season and our grants come to an end. Mark and Jimmie flew up from Makassar and Anna made the long overland journey down from Manado to meet up with Sarah, Alexa and me. Unfortunately, Alexa was sick and wasn’t able to dive with us. However, she was replaced by an expat named Joe from Jakarta who joined us for a day. He had never dived in Gorontalo before and had only tacked on one day of diving here after a business trip. But he loved it instantly and Rantje is sure he’ll be back next season!

Miguel's Diving Fan Club

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