Sunday, September 5, 2010

Dining Out in Yogya

I'm writing this post while drinking my second cafe latte of the morning, having just finished a big Sunday brunch consisting of an omelet, toast, chicken sausage, melon and baked beans. Oh yeah, and I just ordered a chocolate croissant to go with my second cafe latte.  What's more, I'm connected to the internet because this cafe has fast and free wi-fi! And all I had to do to get here was walk down the street from my guest house. croissant just arrived and it's even warm! I think I might make Sunday brunches at this cafe a regular event. Few things make me as happy as the prospect of a delicious meal.

I am truly in culinary heaven here in Yogya. I spent the past week checking out the various restaurants around town with Ingrid and my housemates. Highlights included spinach fettuccine and a tomato and mozzarella salad at Via Via, a chicken and mushroom brick-oven pizza followed by tiramisu at Nanamia, guacamole with toast and a spinach pancake with homemade cheese and mushrooms at Milas, chicken korma and pumpkin soup at Sangam House, and even a delicious 3 mushroom creamy fettuccine with garlic cheese bread at the Pizza Hut down the street. Italian, Indian, American....I definitely won't starve here!

This is a big relief, since, as followers of this blog know, Indonesian cuisine seldom whets my appetite. That said, the other day Anastasia, John and I were wandering around the kampung by the university looking for a place that was actually serving lunch during Ramadan and stumbled upon a great little warung that had a whole menu of tasty Indonesian options. I ordered nasi goreng tuna (fried rice with tuna) and terong goreng tepung (eggplant fried in flour). Even though both dishes were fried, they were surprisingly delicious! I washed it all down with a fresh strawberry juice, happy that I just found what might become my new regular lunch place.


  1. You revamped your blog. I like the new look!

  2. Oh, thanks! Playing with it right now. I thought the black backdrop would be a nice way to show off photos :-)

  3. Yay for the delicious food! :)

  4. First, yes. Cool new layout. Maybe you can help me with mine when we're in Bali.

    Second. jealous of your food options. :(

  5. Thanks, Megan! Glad you like the new look. And don't worry - we'll eat plenty of good food in Bali!